Intrinsic is growing on me.

It’s definitely nothing like Shapeshifter or Apprition, very very prog and a lot less death but I think it works for them.

They’re doing a good job, except trying to sound like BTBAM and Tesseract in a few songs.

Regardless, I think I’m starting to dig it more.

Causality, Sequential Vision and Geocentric Confusion are my fav songs from the album.

I’m not sure what I think about this new Contortionist album so far.

I’m finishing up Causality and so far it’s my favorite track.

The quality is kinda weird on it, I’ll be getting an actual copy but I wanted to go ahead and hear it.

Maybe the rest of the album will be better, who knows?

It’s very different than what I expected though, maybe my mind will change by the end of the album.

Still doubt it’ll beat Shapeshifter EP or Apparition though.

Me and Cam Maynard from The Contortionist